Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not from down under


Good Saturday--I got to spend a bit of time in today's gorgeous weather with Jackson and his beautiful family in Alexandria. I had never spent much time around an Australian Shepherd before and I was quite charmed by his sweet nature and intelligence. I was also surprised to find out that the breed actually originates in the United States. Seems they got their name because of their association with the Basque sheepherders who came to the U.S. from Australia in the 1800's. According to the United States Australian Shepherds Association, "Aussies" came into popularity with the advent of western riding and rodeos in the United States after World War II. They are also energetic, loyal, and do best when given the responsibility of a specific job. This makes sense as his owner Eddie reports that Jackson is happiest when chasing geese from Andrews Air Force Base and off the nearby golf course. Also, I found out that his mom's name is Bubblicious, which is just a very good name for a dog.

Jackson with his family.

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