Monday, March 9, 2009

Don't be afraid of Yetti

Yetti with his sheep pillow "Ba-Ba" the day after he peed in David's (Molly's boyfriend) bed.  Doesn't he look angelic?? 
My dear friend Molly is moving to St. Kitts and although we will miss her, there are a couple of guys in the Carribean who are eagerly awaiting her arrival.  She writes:

In 6 weeks I will be moving from my lovely home in the old country of the USA down to a beautifully shabby tropical paradise to be with my soulmate David. When I went to visit him in St. Kitts a couple of weeks ago we picked out this little man from a herd of other little bearded collies. I knew as soon as I held his furry little body in my arms that I was in love. 
I wanted to name him Elmo, David wanted to name him Ham, but we settled on Yetti, although he seems to be anything but a giant monster of the snow as he lazily sits on the green grass near the sea. 
Now I when I move to St. Kitts I have another love that is waiting for me with wet kisses and lots of carino (Spanish for affection). Welcome home Yetti, don't get too big, I'll be there soon, I love you. 

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