Monday, November 9, 2009

Lily the ring bearer.

Lily holds a meeting with the flower girls to go over last minute details...
Game face on...

I was so happy to photograph the wedding of Polly and Andrew in Little Rock, AR because there were so many cute things about to day! They choose to serve pies instead of cakes, had saw player perform their processional, and even left out a table of board games for all their friends and family to enjoy during the reception. But my favorite was that they got their tree walker coonhound/beagle mix Lily to serve as the ring bearer. She did such a great job of carrying those rings down the aisle and then sitting patiently during the service.  It was a great coming together of my worlds (pet and wedding photography). 

P.s.--Another amazing thing about Lily is that she helped Polly to recover from being very sick two years ago. Polly, who had just come out of a coma, had to recover her muscle strength to walk. Of course, Lily was insistent that she do this and became Polly's cheerleader and coach. So beautiful!

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BevB said...

Polly& Lily's story was so touching. How lucky they both are to have found each other!