Friday, March 12, 2010

A sweet political moment...

This is Cody, the cocker spaniel puppy of a nice man named Ted who lives over in the Capitol Hill area. He hired me because years ago he took a great picture of his other Cocker Spaniel, Lucky (14 years old), and wanted to have a picture of Cody to put by its side. We concentrated on capturing Cody's boundless energy and cheerful nature and selected the above photograph to share a frame with Lucky's photograph.

A few days after receiving the photography, Ted decided to make a few copies for his neighbors who are friends with Lucky and Cody. One of these neighbors is Senator Dodd from from Connecticut who has a house a few blocks away, whose daughters love these dogs. Upon seeing the photograph, his daughter Grace (age 7) kissed it and her nanny made the promise that she will kiss it every night. How is that for political endorsement? :)

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