Friday, May 28, 2010

Buster's goodbye.

Ah, it is with a lot of emotion that I post these pictures. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a woman named Victoria who told me about her friends Anita & George and their 3 year-old boxer, Buster. Buster had been fighting for a cancer for a while and the latest round of chemotherapy had not been effective. The cancer had spread to his lymph nodes. They predicted he would only live a few more weeks and Victoria wanted to give her friends a photo session.

When I went to meet with them, I was nervous that Buster would be frail or tire easily during the shoot, but instead I was greeted by this loving, energetic dog. We spent a lovely hour together and he was a perfect model. I could really feel his sweet energy coming through into the pictures. Also, the connection between him and George & Anita was so apparent. They told me about spending Buster's last weeks on the beach in Maryland--one of his favorite places--and took me down to the dog park so I could meet all of Buster's friends.

I received an email a few days ago from Anita telling me with great sadness that Buster had passed. To commemorate him, they are taking his ashes to spread on the beach that he loved so much. From seeing the dedicated and love they shared, I know how difficult this time must be for them, and I wish them the best during this transition. Although he is gone, I know that this sweet dog will live on for a very long times in all of our hearts. I am honored to have shared one of Buster's last afternoons with him.

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