Monday, September 13, 2010

Rescuing Ophelia

Ophelia really liked her new bone!

My good friend Adam has a new dog in his house! His roommates Adam and Cassandra just adopted Ophelia. She was adopted from the fabulous K9 Lifesavers but still not too much is known about her. Originally rescued from a high-kill shelter in Georgia, they think she is about two years old and is rumored to be an Australian Cattle dog mix (I think she looks more like a pit bull but she does have great brown spots and that adorable patch around her right eye).

Always with rescues there is an element of surprise, so everyone was overjoyed to find out how that she is so completely awesome. Ophelia is extremely laid back, playful, affectionate with people, calm around other dogs, super intelligent (we had her sitting within a couple of minutes) and has an awesome little bob tail. As she wandered around their back yard saying hi to each person, she gave off the vibe of a dog who is just happy to be alive and in a good home. I am very happy for Ophelia and everyone in Adam's house and selfishly excited that I get to know her better because she made a great first impression.

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