Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodbye Jack.

Sherill with Jack

Sweet Jack

It's always one of the hardest parts of my jobs to photograph such happy, energetic dogs and then hear later that something has happened. I photographed 16 year-old Jack two weekends ago and we had a great session with his owner Sherill. He wore a black bow-tie and looked like a little Frank Sinatra. Sherill, who is lovely, and I had a great conversation about changes and transitions and how hard it can be to let go of loved ones. I was really happy with our meeting and the photographs as I walked out into a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

And then I got an email a few days later from Sherill saying that after our photo shoot Jack had fallen ill and that four days later he passed away. I was so sad to hear about the passing of this sweet dog. The love I saw between him and Sherill was so touching and I know how difficult this must be for her. But I am glad that our timing had worked out so perfectly to document some of Jack's last days with Sherill.

When I asked Sherill how she will remember Jack and she wrote:

"I first held him the day his eyes opened and he made me laugh every day of his life, except the last. He was far too smart for his own good. He had a habit of unzipping purses and suitcases, grabbing whatever the most embarrassing item was, and racing about the living room with it. If I cried, he kissed away my tears."

That makes me teary to read. Again, I am so honored to have met Jack and been able to photograph him so close to the end of his long, dear life. I know he will be greatly missed by many.

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