Friday, April 8, 2011

Suzi and Moppet in FL

Moppet is younger but totally the spunky alpha.
Suzi had great model energy though.

My mom's friend Pam was pretty adorable herself.

I'm just back from a lovely two week get away to sunny Florida to visit my mom who just moved to the Villages, a giant retirement resort-like village. There are many great dogs who live the good life there with their owners and my mom was kind enough to arrange a photo session with her friend Pam and her two dogs, Suzi and Moppet. Each of the houses at the Villages has a little placard outside with the last name of the people who live there. Well, Pam's sign had two little other placards hanging off, with Suzi and Moppet's names engraved on them. I saw immediately that this was a tight-knit family and I had a great taking some fun portraits of them.

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