Friday, May 6, 2011

Adopt Chester!

Chester posing for the camera.

My friends Adam and Cassandra are fostering this fine-looking dog named Chester and looking for a great home for him. Cassandra writes:

Chester is a lovely 4-year-old Tennessee boy. A perfect balance between a couch potato and a playful partner, Chester loves to cuddle with anyone who would give him attention. Other than being uniquely beautiful (our guess is some sort of Wire Fox Terrier mix), Chester is quiet and very intelligent. He knows "stay" and "sit", though sit usually turns into a "I'll just lie down so that you can rub my belly". He would love to spend time learning tricks (for food and/or love of course). Some other unique features are his natural mohawk (I know, how cool is that?) and his little puffy tail.

This bundle of hair and joy unconditionally loves humans and dogs of all ages. After just a couple of hours he was already sleeping and cuddling with his pit bull mix foster sister - a sweet and funny sight considering the fact that he's only 30 pounds while his sister is almost 60. His only Achilles' heel are cats. It's not that this Southern gentleman doesn't like them, he probably likes them too much: all in all he's a Terrier mix (and you might want to agree with him that they can be mistaken for big squirrels and who can resist big squirrels??).

Chester is now living in DC and can be seen playing around in both the Adams Mill and the 11th and Park dog parks. If you'd like to learn more about him and adopt him :) please contact Lara of K-9 lifesavers at To see more pictures of Chester, please click here.

Thanks for that awesome write-up Cassandra!

Also, in a bit of pet and military theme, check out this comparison of baby seals and Navy Seals and this awesome series of dogs in combat (I especially love the first one).

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