Thursday, January 17, 2013

I got a dog!

His name is Poncho, he is a 1 year old Lucky Dog rescue of terrier origins, and I love him madly!  I can't get over his cuteness or his sweet personality.  After 5 years of waiting to get a dog due to a group house living situation, I was so excited to adopt with my boyfriend.   After 6 months of living together, we thought we were ready to commit to the right dog.  As soon as we saw Poncho's photograph on the website, I had this feeling that he was our one.  Animal control picked him up wandering the backroads of southern Virginia without a chip or collar and Lucky Dog brought him here. The second I saw him, he jumped up on me, licked my face and I was sold.  We could sense something about his little vagabond spirit that craved both excitement and relaxation.  He's been a dream to live with so far (except for him getting very car sick this morning while driving Adam to work), and basically I feel like I hit the dog jackpot.  Although I grew up around dogs, this is the first one of my adult life.  The bond feels so strong between us and I have felt my heart grow two sizes bigger.  Truly, it makes me understand my clients and their pets that much more.  I created this business because I find the relationships between humans and animals to be inspiring and important and now I am finding all of that out first hand.  It's definitely a learning process, but a very wonderful, fun one.  I'll keep you updated on how it goes and until then, Poncho says hi!

In order to help Lucky Dog make more of these great matches, I am going to do benefit photo shoot for them in February.  Please stay tuned for an exact date and get your own special dog photographed!

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