Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Poncho and goodbye for a month!

Oh was my last post really in March? I can't believe how bad I am about posting to this blog these days! It is not for a lack of great clients and fun shoots. It's just that life gets busy and the months just slip by.  We all know that story right?  Well, I'm going to add another one month here, as I leave tonight to travel in Thailand/Bali.  It's going to be an incredible adventure, but I will miss my clients,  my boyfriend, my home but mostly I will miss Poncho. We have just celebrated 5 months together and I could not love him more.   I'll be around in August/September, so please write me at houndstoothphotography@gmail.com and we can schedule those back-to-school shoots.  Have a wonderful month!

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