Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rodney's Goodbye

Isis and Rodney.
Rodney down by the lake.

Sweet Rodney.

Oh this last photo assignment was a little bit emotional! From the moment I first talked to Isis on the phone about her decision to move to the West Coast and give Rodney to another family (one with acres of land and kids and another dog), I knew it was important to take these pictures. She said that although she knew she was making the right decision, it was still a really hard one and that she wanted these pictures to be a tribute to all the time they had spent together.

The pictures that resulted from the session were all so beautiful. It was one of those sessions where I felt like I could just get out of the way and let the beauty and sweetness of their relationship come across in the pictures. Isis is a lovely lady who knows how to listen to her intuition and follow her heart.

It's a funny cast of characters. Rodney is a sweetheart of a dog who is lucky to have been rescued by Isis (he was past his euthanization date at the shelter) and now to move to a lovely new home. I am photographer who is invited into many of these tender situations and is sometimes able to make photographs that help ease transitions like these.

We talked a lot during the session and Isis and I totally connected on the idea that life works out the way its supposed to and that the right people and animals make their way in and out of our lives when we need them. We just have to keep an open heart in the process. I wish her the best of luck in California and the same to Rodney in his new home.

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