Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beautiful Wild Cumbe

Cumbe is a wild animal! Just kidding, Cumbe is just about the cuddliest, friendliest dog that I have met but she does have those beautiful wolf eyes that make her unique. Matt and Laura, her owners, met Cumbe when they went to the shelter to pick out their first dog together. Cumbe came right up to them and it was a match well made. They think she is a Husky/Terrier mix and in my opinion, it's an amazing combination. I photographed them in Flenview, Illinois when I was on my midwestern tour in July (I visited St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Chicago in 10 days and had a lot of good times).

I've been on the road and I'm hitting the road again. I'll be in Costa Rica for 10 days and I'm hoping to photograph some of the monkeys that live in the jungle trees along the ocean. When I get back I am going to be launching a new blog which combines my pet photography work with my human photography work in an attempt to streamline my online world and post pictures more often. I have a lot of great pictures stored up from these past few months so expect to see some of them soon. In the meantime, I hope all of you enjoy the last few months of summer.

Also, I wanted to mention that Willy, of Willy and Shakes the therapeutic bunnies, has to have surgery to remove a cancerous tumor that is threatening his life. The surgery is $3,000 and their handler Sherri is asking that everyone donate $10 to help cover his bills. These furry guys have brought a lot of joy to the people they visit and Sherri works tirelessly to spread their bunny therapy. If you can help, please make a donation to the address below. Make sure to mention "Save Willy" if you are paying with a credit card or write "Save Willy" on your check.

VCA Veterinary Referral Associates
500 Perry Parkway
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
(301) 926-3300

Attn: Melody / Accounting
(For Willy The Angora Rabbit !!)

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing eyes - I love shooting bullies, weims and huskies for this very reason.