Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adopt Lola!

Hi all! I am back from Costa Rica (amazing) and wanted to get the word out about lovely Lola, who my friends Cassandra and Adam have been fostering (their last foster, Chester, went to a great family in Mt. Pleasant)....

Lola (also know as Suzie Q by her friends at K-9 Lifesavers) is a wonderful 3 and half year old Southern Bell. Rescued from Vidalia, GA, Lola has had a rough beginning of life. Used by a backyard breeder for over two years, she was then abandoned to her fate and later found with a stick stuck in her mouth. Fortunately she was rescued by the K-9 folks and brought to the DC area where a new chapter in her life began. Unfortunately, while loved by everyone, Lola hasn't found a forever home yet, and a one year from her rescue she is now living la vida with her foster family and foster sister in Mount Pleasant, enjoying walks and the random squirrel and chipmunk chases (someone has to keep them under control). This Georgia peach is probably a black lab mix. Some think she also has some pit and beagle in her, given her funny and extremely devotional personality. Her foster parents just know that she has brought a lot of love and many (really, MANY) dog kisses in their lives. In spite of her first years of life, Lola is a loving girl. She is a little shy and at first tends to stay away from new people and new dogs, but give her some time and she turns in the silly dog that she is (her foster parents suggest to meet her at another scheduled time other than the adoption events, those can be a little overwhelming!). After a couple of months to become familiar with the city environment and work on her confidence, Lola is now looking for a family to call her own. If you're looking for a life long companion that loves yoga (she has the most fierce positions ever seen), green beans, and couches, please contact her adoption coordinator. You can find her contact info here (ask about Suzie Q). Lola would do great in a house by herself or with another dog after the necessary introduction, older children, and possibly cat-free.

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