Friday, October 28, 2011

La femme Nikki

Isn't Nikki a beautiful dog? Her owner Sherrie, who is also quiet lovely, agrees completely. We spent one of warm fall afternoons walking around Shirlington and getting some great shots. Nikki was super shy in front of the camera at first but she really warmed up and by the end she was posing. People always ask if my job is stressful and I tell them it isn't because I always have faith that we will get the picture. And up until now, it's worked every time.

In other good news, Lola (from the previous post) was adopted! Her owners Adam and Cassandra are really happy that she is going to a good home with people who will appreciate her "Lolaness."

And what is everyone going to be for Halloween this year? I just took some really fun Halloween portraits with my friend Matt and his friendly pack which I'll put up here on Monday. Here are the ones we did last year that that made it into People magazine's pet section.

As always, I am behind on posting but really want to share some of the fun work I've been doing this fall so expect to see some more photographs soon. Also, I am starting to sign people up at Wagtime and Wylie Wagg for the end of November and early December so let me know if you are interested. I'll send out an email early next week.

Stay warm and dry this weekend!

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