Thursday, November 10, 2011

Steve, Jill & Baxter

Didn't Steve and Jill get married in the most picturesque spot? After being together for over 13 years, they got married this September at Lost Creek Winery near Leesburg Virginia. It was a small, family wedding that really represented the love they have for each other and the support of their family. And of course, their beloved Baxter was by their side the whole time! As you can see, he was very happy to be included in the festivities. I was so honored to be part of their amazing day where I could combine my loves of people and pet photography

I met Baxter for the first time while doing a Wylie Wagg photo shoot last November. Baxter was a perfect model--he has the most amazing honey-colored eyes--and we got lots of great shots from the day. I'm doing another shoot at Wylie Wagg in Tysons this December 4th from 12-5pm. I still have a few time slots open so let me know if you are interested by writing me at

Also, these illustrations on dog dream creations gave me a much needed laugh.

Hope you are all staying cozy on this foggy day!

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