Monday, December 15, 2008

Birthday sisters

Liz looking lovely at my desk yesterday.

Happy Birthday to Liz! Most of my family have mid-December birthdays, so its only fitting that my roommate and close friend Liz should share a birthday (although she is slightly older and wiser).

Also, for anyone out there that likes astrology, my yoga teacher just told me that Obama's cabinet is highly Sagittarius--she said it was as high as 12 out of 15 appointees thus far. Obama is a Leo and Leos and Sagittariuses are supposed to get along incredibly well because Leos respect that fact that Sagittariuses are incapable of telling lies (and anyone who knows me will tell you this is true in my case). We also are very open-minded, idealistic, witty, and enterprising, and can be overly blunt without meaning to be.

Yea for 4 years of truthful, free spirits who say what they mean in the White House!



Mia said...

They say Aries shouldn't have caffeine...Due to my firm beliefs in astrology, I try to avoid it.

Mia said...


Seth Revels said...

What a great picture. My compliments to the photographer, and the subject, both.