Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stuff we love

Have you all fallen in love with Google's new personalized themes? My favorite one is the Tea House which features an adorable fox who lives in a quaint tea house with surrounding peach tree-filled Japanese garden. He particularly inspires me with his industrious habits that he performs on a hourly basis, such as trimming his bonsai tree, feeding his ducks, practicing his calligraph on a scroll, and fishing in the nearby pond.  Occasionally he will even invite his monkey friend over to have a tiny cup of tea, which is a charming scene to say the least. One night while working late, I discovered that even while our little fox sleeps, you can watch the ghost foxes play board games outside. The scene changes according to the current time of day complete with sunsets (and possibly sunrises, although I have never been up early enough to check). 

At first, I was reluctant to choose a cartoon-based theme, however,  as I spend a good deal of time on email, the fox has won me over with his lovely world and calm demeanor.  As our world becomes increasingly virtual, it's nice to have a cozy background to my daily work.


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