Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yappy Hour @ Chateau Animaux

Bonnie, tell us how to make our dogs behave like yours!

Lara and I went to the second Saturday "Yappy Hour" at Chateau Animaux in Capitol Hill on Saturday. This is a space where dog owners can chat openly, pets can sniff freely, and delicious treats abound for all. The highlights of the events were:

1. Seeing the biggest dog of my life--a st. bernard that looked just like Falkor in the "NeverEnding Story" (more photos to follow)

2. Meeting pet coach Bonnie King-Taylor, aka the Doggy Lama, and her ridiculously well-trained dog Bartleby, a dalmatian/hound dog mix. She talked about keeping our pets happy during the holidays by controlling our own stress levels and buying them giant candy canes filled with cat nap. As Lara and I just purchased a cat nip-filled banana for our cat photography sessions, we felt we were on the right track.

3. As mentioned above, yet I feel I must repeat, they gave out really delicious treats for humans and dogs! The Chateau provides a classy spread of wine, cheese, and cookies (all I am going to say is chocolate chip rugula), as well as a platter of gourmet dog biscuits made in-house. My only other comment on this is that the dog biscuits were so delicious-looking and so strategically placed right next to the human cookie platter, that it made me wonder if good-humored store owner, Dennis Bourgault, wasn't plotting a holiday practical joke on attendees. If true, he would be immediately welcomed into my family for having the right kind of humor. Regardless, the Hannaukah dog biscuits with their little sugar-free icing yarmulkes were freaking adorable.

4. Finally, we got to meet Cocoa, a beautiful chocolate lab who was rescued by K9 Lifesavers and needs good home. K9 Lifesavers were holding a raffle to raise money for an operation on her torn ACL, which will cost more than $1,000. Adopt her! Or contact K9 or us for more information on how to contribute.

Lara and Cocoa agree that it feels good to make new friends.

Many thanks to la Chateau for inviting us to attend. If our calculations are correct, the next Yappy Hour will be held on January 10, 2009. Hope to see you there!

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