Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eight cats a leaping...

Gracie jumps!

Our session today with a this 12 week-old kitten named Gracie raises our collection of animals named "Gracie" featured on this site to a grand total of three (four if we include human animals who spell their names with a "y"). Like the others, this Gracie comes from a rescue background--she was discovered in a storm drain when she was 3 weeks-old--and now spends her day enjoying treats, naps, and the occasional patch of sunlight. However, this Gracie distinguishes herself by her unparalleled leaping and jumping skills, as well as her overall endurance to play throughout the entire photo shoot without resting once. Feline Olympics look out!

Gracie with her lovely and resourceful owners, Krista and Matt.

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We’d like to say what a great experience we had working with Lara and Gracy . They were the consummate professionals who arrived prepared with cat toys, cat treats, and a really nice home studio set-up. They quickly gained the trust of our kitten, Gracie, and established a wonderful rapport with her. Our little Gracie ended up thinking that the entire photo shoot was one big game, and the final pictures totally captured her kitten essence, energy, and winsomeness. I will forever treasure these photos. Thanks Lara and Gracy !
- Krista & Matt