Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Should we be scared?

I've never been one to be nervous around animals, but this article in New York magazine about a cat attacking a mall Santa Claus made me a little nervous.  Also, these pictures of cats on a leash made me laugh at first, but then I clicked between pictures 3 and 4 and I understood why they not be allowed to roam freely. 

Even this picture of an adorable red panda seemed more aggressive than normal.

Are animals feeling our collective stress right now or are we just putting them in environments where they don't belong? Most people I know don't like going to malls during the holidays, which makes me think maybe we should spare our animals. 

Lucky for us, we get to photograph sweet cats like Mr. Moochie (pictured above). He was excited to show off his tarantula costume and then eager to get back to his my friend Catherine's room with all his cat toys. So much for ferocious. 


Catherine said...

I think being plopped in the lap of a stranger in a disguise is enough to make any cat a little hissy. Being aware of our pets' social limitations is very important so we don't put them in a position in which they could harm themselves or someone else. Even Mr. Moochie has his moments of grumpiness-just ask his veterinarian!

Bart said...

That is an adorable tarantula costume.